Spring Cleaning for Small Businesses: Spruce up the Shop to Gear up for a New Season

Spring Cleaning for Small Businesses

Even the most well organized business owner gets a bit bogged down during the Autumn/Winter seasons. A stray Christmas poster lingers on a back wall or a bin filled with discounted holiday items continues to sit on an out of the way counter. Spring is the perfect time to get the shop or office back in shape and looking its best.

Make a List of Tasks and Necessary Repairs

The first step is often as simple as walking through the building with a notepad and a pen in hand. Write down every item that needs attention, from the dusty vent near the ceiling to that table with the wobbly leg that needs to be repaired. This list is important for two reasons. It helps the business owner remember all those little things that tend to get overlooked and it can become a master checklist for Spring cleaning tasks that employees should work on during down time.

 Redo all Windows and Table Displays

It doesn’t matter how many rave reviews that witty and attractive window display received in November. Several months later, customers have seen it so many times that it has become stale and uninteresting. Follow these steps for a fresh new display area:

  • Remove everything from display areas, including backdrops or table cloths.
  • Be sure to clean and repair all items that will go back into these areas as part of the new displays and store any items that won’t be used until next year in clearly labeled containers.
  • Wash all windows, vacuum all floor areas and touch up any chipped paint. Polish any wooden surfaces in the display area.
  • Set up an attractive new display in Spring colors. Remember to keep things simple and uncluttered.

Reclaim Cluttered Areas

Bulletin boards for patrons to hang notices or ads on and racks that contain helpful literature are nice touches for businesses that want to become a bigger part of the community. However, as time passes, they start to look very cluttered and messy. Those out of date, faded and torn notices just start to make these areas look unattractive and less useful.

For a quick fix, remove all items from that outdated bulletin board. Put a fresh piece of paper on the board or give it a few coats of paint to spruce it up. Then, date each notice that is still valid and rehang them all neatly on the board. If you date each notice as it is hung, you can see at a glance which ones are ready to come down and it will be much easier to keep the board looking attractive.

Walking into a building that is freshly cleaned and has beautifully organized displays and community areas will make even the most tired business owner feel great. Even better, customers will enjoy the inviting atmosphere of a business that took the time to do a good Spring cleaning.