Free Software to Reduce IT Costs for your Small Business

Free Software to Reduce IT Costs for your Small Business

Anyone who has looked in to starting a small business knows it can be somewhat daunting when you start looking in to the potential costs of IT. It can be far too easy to listen to that salesman telling you that you need to invest large amounts of money to do the most simple of tasks.

If you are willing to spend a bit of time researching alternatives away from the companies that want to close a sale there really is a great deal of free software available to reduce your costs as a new or existing business.

Just because a task is being done in an office shouldn’t make the necessary software triple in price when compared to a home product. This is a list of three pieces of freely available software that are sure to optimise your office setup whilst reducing IT expenditure.

 Google Sync for Blackberry, iPhone and Outlook

Syncing your Outlook calendar and contacts wirelessly with your iPhone or Blackberry without subscribing to an expensive third party has always been a dream. This dream is now a reality with the efficiency of the Google Sync application.

Create a free G-mail account for each of your staff, and then download the free application to each computer. After this all you need to download is the necessary and freely available plug-in for your Blackberry or iPhone through the App Store on the device.

You can configure the sync relationship to sync your calendar and contacts from your Outlook to your handhelds and vice versa. To simplify, both devices will keep the latest information, and with sync intervals adjustable to a few minutes it is a clear cost reducer.

Skype Manager

Skype has recently started concentrating on corporate clients a great deal more and with this increased demand for business implementation they have released the Skype Manager. This is a great piece of software that incorporates a useful amount of business features. Conference calls, Video Conferencing, Office Instant Messenger, Voicemail, Call Divert and due to the fact that it uses VOIP (Voice over IP) technology through your company internet the savings on calls each month can be surprising.

You can even setup a standard office number for clients to call without them knowing you aren’t using a conventional telephone system. The Skype Manager allows centralised access to manage each of your employee’s calls and available credit. A large amount of small and large businesses are moving to Skype and other VOIP services to reduce costs. Why can’t you? All you need are some decent wireless headsets.

TAS Basics Free Accounting Software

Some of the accountancy software on the market comes at a high cost and in most cases a small business won’t necessarily have a need for all of the costly features that come with this cost. TAS Basics is a completely free piece of accountancy software that the developers claim they will never charge for.

All they ask is that if you ever need more features to consider them for the more extensive packages they sell. It comes with all the accounting essentials such as the ability to reconcile your accounts and keep track of invoices. It even holds a client database so you can stay up to date with money owed to you and money that your business owes.

This really is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reducing your IT expenditure. Try to really spare some time to investigate upcoming costs. A good idea is to research other businesses on and offline to discover what solution they have in place. If you use this level of cautiousness with each aspect of your IT you will successfully reduce costs within your business indefinitely.

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